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Beitou Hot Springs

New Taipei, Taiwan

Beitou District  Taiwan's hot spring paradise "Beitou" by New York Times Travel, is a famous tourist destination in Taipei,When 1894, Germanese businessman Mr.Ouely development Beitou hot springs to build a hot spring club, for the beginning of the development of the Beitou Hot Springs,became the first started in the north of the famous hot spring resort, there are many visitors come here especially.In 1896, the Japanese Osaka businessman Ping Tin Yuen Wo invention Beitou hot spring have good quality, very sightseeing and commercial value

 Beitou Park which is the center of Beitou, was full of walking paths, a bubbling stream, and bridges to enjoy a day in quiet nature.

Thermal Valley 

Thermal Valley is an incredible site when you consider that you are still in Taipei City.  It is a 90 degree Celcius “lake” of sulpher hot spring water. The water is always steaming, has a beautiful greenish, blue hue, and of course emits a sulpher hot spring aroma.

Beitou Hot Spring Museum 

The Beitou Hot Spring Museum was originally a bathhouse built by the Japanese Colonial Government in 1913. At one time, the baths were the largest in East Asia. After the Japanese left Taiwan, the bath house became neglected and deserted. In 1994, a group of local teachers and students discovered the old bath house on a field trip. In 1997, the building was designated a historical site and transformed into the museum.

The museum is a wonderful brick structure to enjoy. Once inside, visitors can learn about Beitou and its hot spring history. The original bathing pools still exist in the structure along with old photos from when the pool was in use.

Beitou Outdoor Public Hot Springs 

This bath is located within Beitou Park. The pools are outdoors and shared by men and women so bathing suits are required.

There are 5 pools of various temperatures and bathers can sit and look up to enjoy the green beauty of the park. The hot springs open very early and operate until night. What is unique is there is a time limit for each hot spring “session”. Each session is 2 hours. When the 2 hour session is up, everyone must clear out and the next group of bathers comes in. This is why you may see a line out front at certain times during the day.

Prices are very cheap. 40 NT for adults, and only 20 NT for seniors, children, students, and military.

Ketagalan Culture Center 

The Ketalgalan Culture Center is located at the end of the park near the MRT entrance. The aboriginal Ketagalan people once inhabited and farmed the Beitou area. The name “Beitou” comes from the Ketagalan word for “witch”.

The Ketagalan believed that the sulpher steam and smell in the area showed that sorcery was going on in the area. They called the area “Patauw” or “home of the witches”.

The Culture Center is free to enter. The second floor has exhibitions of clothing and tools used by the aboriginal tribe. It’s worth a visit.

Hot Spring Ramen Noodles 

The Ramen noodles in Beitou are not to be missed. The “Man Ke Wu” ramen shop is at the top end of Beitou Park. It’s a small noodle shop and is famous in Taipei. There is usually a line out front during peak times. No need to worry.

Because the shop is small, patrons need to share tables with others. The noodles and the stock are delicious. The pork was tender and flavorful. Try the hot spring cooked egg as an appetizer.


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