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Dajia Jenn Lann Temple

Taichung, Taiwan

Zhenlan Temple of Dajia was brought in to Taiwan by the Fukien province Tien islander, surname Lin, from Meizhou in 1730. Later on because the public worship tripod, in Yu Year of tenth, the little temple was built in Dajia in Taichung. Till 1770 (Yung Cheng Year of 35th) the little temple was changed to Hou Temple. In the Yung Cheng Year of 52nd (1778 A.D.), the temple was rebuilt. Afterwards the scholar gentry frequently raised reconstructs and change to become Zhenlan Temple. The temple with the statue of Mazu in Taiwan is more than five hundred and more. Every year during the beginning of March of Chinese Year, territorial pilgrimage is a great celebration. There are hundreds of believers following the pilgrimage, and there are many celebrations for welcoming Mazu in every temple. The territorial pilgrimage of Zhenlan Temple of Dajia devolved hundreds of years. For every period, Ta An County will go aboard to the main Mazu temple in Meizhou to worship some holy spirit back for the statue. Whenever the people of pilgrimage several bulkiness and magnitude grandeur, it is praised and studied between the internal academic circle and mass communication border.

Zhenlan Temples has front palace, behind palace, south north palace, south north room, bell drum floor and so on all suffusion personality, flowers and birds, walk beast and so on sculpture carvings woodcarving, all essence carves are neat and beautiful. The inner part is the oblation of Mazu, and the south palace supplies the chastity Mazu. The chastity Mazu means the chastity workshop woman Ms. Lin. All of these are connected to each other and the views are bright and shine.Unfortunately many of the ancient antiques were not found because many times of re-built. Only one or two plaques that were written by Chien Lung and Kuang She emperors.

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