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Taipei 101 Observatory

Taipei, Taiwan


Taipei 101 Observatory is where visitors can enjoy the fantastic 360-degree scenery of Taipei. Taipei 101 Tower was the world's tallest building (508 meters) from 2004 until 2010, when it was beat out by Dubai's impressive Burj Khalifa. The Observatory is located at the top of the taipei 101 building at 89th floor.  It is the landmark of the Xinyi District in Taipei. Passengers can travel up to the observatory by the fast elevator with the traveling at 60.6 km per hour and it is only 37 second for the passengers to reach 89th floor.  It is design transcends the uni-body concept and is based on the Chinese number 8, a lucky number in Chinese culture.  It consist of eight-floor structural units, connected one by one on top of each other.

The Taipei 101 had to be constructed with more than just beauty and symbolism in mind. The steel pendulum (the largest and heaviest damper in the world) with the weight of 725,749 kilograms is designed to protects its against earthquakes and strong wind. 

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