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Xitou Nature Education Area

Nantou, Taiwan

Xitou is located in the Phoenix hill of Lugu village, and is embraced by mountains from three sides. Its name is derived from the Chinese meaning: the origin of the river (Beishi River). Xitou has plenty of rains, and is cool and moist all the year round. Therefore, it is one of the most famous resort spots in summer and the most romantic place for new couples to spend their honeymoons. Xitou is part of the experimental forest belonging to the National Taiwan University, and here grows cedars, Chamaecyparis obtuse, red spruces, Phyllostachys edulis, and many other different kinds of trees. Except for a small well-preserved natural broad-leaves forest, most parts of this area have been developed and cultivated purposely. Generally speaking, the feature of the forest here is beautiful and tidy. Here you can visit the unique pure ginkgo forest, the rare plant of redwood, the divine tree 46 meter high and 16 meter broad and with an age approaching 3,000, Youth's Activity Center, birds observing footpath, hotels, restaurants, camping area and so on.

The University Pond, one of the representative sightseeing spots in Xitou, with an area of 0.5 chings and a depth of 10 meters, has limpid water and is a good place for taking pictures. There are over 70 varies of birds available in Xitou, which makes this place a good one for birds observing. River Blacks, White-ears Thrush, Redhead Warblers, Shao-Yen Thrush are representatives of low and middle elevation in Taiwan. Buildings in Xitou are made of wood and have a smell of natural harmony.

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